Bay Area Viruses Symposium

2nd Annual Symposium - 2012

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This meeting, chaired by Laurent Coscoy, Paul Luciw, Melanie Ott, and Peter Sarnow, featured presentations by leading Bay Area university and industry scientists, as well as a poster competition, a lunch-time panel on post-doctoral job opportunities, and a networking reception. It was held on Thursday, May 17th 2012 from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm in Stanley Hall Auditorium, UC Berkeley.


9:00 am    

Karla Kirkegaard, Stanford
Title: Suppressing diversity in RNA viruses

9:30 am

Qiang Zhou, UC Berkeley
Title: Toward implementation of "shock and kill" for eradicating latent HIV reservoirs

10:00 am

Laura Hertel, CHORI
Title: Human cytomegalovirus tropism: tango or contra dance?

10:30 am

Marta Gaglia, UC Berkeley
Title: Unrelated viral ribonucleases recruit host Xrn1 to enact global mRNA degradation

10:45 am

Coffee Break

11:15 am

Joseph Derisi, UCSF
Title: Tales from veterinary virology: Why snakes go crazy

11:45 am

Peter Barry, UC Davis
Title: Targeting viral IL-10 as a prophylactic & therapeutic vaccine for CMV

12:15 pm

Chris Jones, Novartis
Virus-host interaction & discovery of host-targeting antivirals for HCV

12:45 pm

Geoffrey Chase, University of Freiburg
Influenza virus hijacks the Ran/Crm1 export pathway

2:30 pm

Yoshi Izumiya, UC Davis
Title: Regulation of small ubiquitin like modifier by KSHV

3:00 pm

Leor Weinberger, UCSF
Title: An endogenous accelerator of CMV gene expression as a novel virulence factor

3:30 pm

Shirit Einav, Stanford
Title: Identification & targeting of viral-host interactions essential for HCV assembly

4:00 pm

Noam Stern-Ginossar, UCSF
Decoding human cytomegalovirus

4:15 pm

Coffee Break
4:45 pm Becket Feierbach, Genentech
The guinea pig model of cytomegalovirus congenital infection
5:15 pm Fenyong Liu, UC Berkeley
Modulation of human CMV genomic DNA replication by host proteins
5:45 pm Siddarth Dey, UC Berkeley
Chromatin accessibility at the HIV-1 LTR promoter sets a threshold for NF-kB mediated viral gene expression
6:00 pm Reception