Bay Area Viruses Symposium

5th Annual Symposium - 2015

The 5th Annual Bay Area Symposium on Viruses will be held on Friday, May 29th 2015.
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8:00 am


9:00 am

Introduction and Welcome Remarks

9:15 am

Britt Glaunsinger (UC Berkeley)

Induction and Co-option of Retrotransposon-Derived Noncoding RNAs During Gamma-Herpesvirus Infection

9:45 am

Hadas Dvory-Sobol (Gilead Sciences)

Resistance Characterizations for the Novel Therapeutics Sofosbovir and Ledipasvir

10:15 am

Grad Student or Post-Doc Presentation (TBD)

10:30 am

Coffee Break

11:00 am

Roundtable Introduction

11:10 am

Jeffrey Glenn (Stanford)

Targeting Prenylation to Inhibit Hepatitis Delta Virus Infections

11:40 am

Graham Simmons (BSRI)

Protective Antibodies against Chikungunya Virus - Entry Neutralization and Budding Inhibition

12:10 pm

Grad Student or Post-Doc Presentation (TBD)

12:25 pm


2:00 pm

Andreas Jekle (Alios Pharma)

Discovery of a Novel Nucleoside Inhibitor of the Human Rhinovirus Polymerase

2:30 pm

Patricia Pesavento (UC Davis)

Coming Full Circle: Raccoon Polyomavirus

3:00 pm

Grad Student or Post-Doc Presentation (TBD)

3:15 pm

Coffee Break

3:45 pm

Warner Greene (Gladstone Institutes)

HIV/AIDS and the Death of CD4 T Cells: A Little Murder and A Lot of Suicide

4:15 pm

Grad Student or Post-Doc Presentation (TBD)

4:30 pm

Poster Session/Cocktail Hour






































Registration is required but free.  Registration closes  May 22nd.