These facilities available to researchers in the bay area. Many are open to outside users on a recharge basis. To add your facility to this listing, email cend@berkeley.edu

Facility Institution Application Link
Macro Lab UC Berkeley Cloning http://macrolab.berkeley.edu/
Lentiviral RNAi Core UCSF Silencing Systems for research http://viracore.ucsf.edu/
Berkeley Screening Center UC Berkeley siRNA Screening http://bsc.berkeley.edu
Biosafety Level 3 Facility UC Berkeley BSL3 facilities http://www.cchem.berkeley.edu/bsl3/
DNA Sequencing Center UC Berkeley DNA Sequencing http://mcb.berkeley.edu/barker/dnaseq/
Electron Microscope Lab UC Berkeley Electron Microscopy http://em-lab.berkeley.edu/EML/index.php
Flow Cytometry Facility UC Berkeley Flow Cytometry http://biology.berkeley.edu/crl/flowcytometry.shtml
Stanford Virus Core Stanford Recombinant Virus Production